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Senator Jesse Helms was a constant voice for freedom during his 30 years in the United States Senate. He frequently blocked treaties that he believed undermined our nation’s sovereignty.

As chairman of the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee from 1994 to 2000, Senator Helms not only protected our nation’s freedom but also worked to restore our foreign policy that put America’s interests first and not the interest of the United Nations.

This project is new to the Helms Center and our goal is to help educate hundreds of thousands of Americans throughout this country on current events at the United Nations.

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Annual Helms Lecture: The Vital Role of the Senate in Foreign Policy

Sep 11, 2013 - The Jesse Helms Lecture Series highlights foreign policies that Senator Helms championed throughout his years in office. Of particular concern to Senator Helms was the atrophied nature of Senate prerogatives in foreign policy. In his memoirs Senator Helms wrote of his disbelief that the Senate had so yielded its authority:


I found that the Senate had surrendered, de facto, any serious involvement in foreign policy decisions. The Senate was content to let the “professionals” – the career diplomats in the State Department – shape and guide our international relations…. Because of my conviction that foreign policy is a rightful and vital concern of the Senate, I involved myself from the very beginning of my Senate career.

Over the next three decades, particularly during his tenure as Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, Senator Helms took steps to ensure that nominees received intense scrutiny, the State Department was challenged and rebuked on policy and budgetary issues, and treaty ratification was never taken lightly.

Join us as Senator Ted Cruz defends the vital foreign policy role established for the Senate under the Constitution and what must be done to revitalize and protect the Senate’s foreign policy prerogatives in the fourth annual Helms Lecture.

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